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Jibal offers capacity-building services pertaining to topics such as environmental interventions, environmental strategies, social justice, and power dynamics. These services can take the form of trainings, seminars, coaching, and more long term consultancies. We can tailor a capacity building plan adapted to the needs of your organization.

Alternative Academy

The Alternative Academy aims to bring scientific knowledge to everyone, in line with the belief in open access to information. This program is developed in partnership with Lebanon Support.

New Perspectives on Media and Migration

This training program is open to people in Lebanon whose work engages with journalism or migration and refugees. It is especially beneficial for those working on communications or documentation for NGOs. It aims to explore how media can work towards a more just and diverse society.

Other Trainings upon Demand

Teaching Environmental Justice

Do you want your teachers to heighten the environmental awareness of their students? Sign them up for Jibal’s “Teaching Environmental Justice.” Upon completion of the training, teachers will be able to give back to their school through peer-to-peer education and by leading initiatives for their own group of students.

Introduction to Sustainable Development

This training addresses sustainable development in general. The courses rely on scientific knowledge, hands-on activities, and observation of real-life solutions.