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This training is open to people in Lebanon engaged in journalism (journalists, editors, documentarians, bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, and others) or migration and refugees. It is especially suitable to those doing communications or documentation for NGOs.

It gives participants an opportunity to work on their own perspectives and to challenge preconceived notions, to uncover power structures in society and in their own field of work, and to envision new, more just and equitable ways of reporting.

Three different formats exist:

  • Two-day training
  • Three-week international workshop: one week in each city Berlin (Germany), Zahle (Lebanon), and Lyon (France)
  • Seven weekly sessions, in partnership with Lebanon Support, under the Alternative Academy

These trainings are developed in collaboration with Mashallah News.

More information about the program:

For more information and registration: info_at_switch-perspective_dot_com