Team فريق العمل

Angela Saadé أنجيلا سعاده

Co-founder and Programme Manager

Angela Saade grew up in Lebanon, and studied in France and Spain, where she also worked for 10 years. She earned a Master of Engineering from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG) and few years later a Master of Applied Anthropology from the Univeristy Lumière Lyon2. She worked for Hespul (Lyon, France) as photovoltaic (PV) project manager, as manager of the PV section, and as an expert in energy and urban planning. She designed, developed, and managed large scale PV plants, and European research-action collaborative projects. She also developed expertise in grid connection and was involved in national policy consultations with French administrations and the grid manager. For a period of four years, she worked in energy urban planning in collaboration with different European cities such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Vienna, and Hamburg. In parallel to her engineering work, Angela co-founded the French NGO Tabadol which aims to build a more equitable society reflecting its diversity and centering on social justice. She develops and conducts several projects for the NGO, including training for youth workers, teachers, and journalists on topics related to discrimination, stereotypes, power dynamics and migration. Angela moved back to Lebanon in 2016. She has been the technical advisor for the youth program of the Lebanese NGO Mouvement Social, mainly working with underpriviledged young people from different areas of Lebanon. In 2017, she co-founded the NGO Jibal working on environmental justice.

Ounsi El Daif أنسي الضعيف

Co-founder and Programme Manager

Ounsi is a physicist and a committed green and social entrepreneur. He earned his PhD in Switzerland, specializing in the interaction of light with matter at the EPFL-Lausanne. After his doctoral studies in fundamental science, he worked as a researcher in nanotechnology and solar photovoltaic cells for eight years, publishing 40 peer-reviewed research papers. He is the driving force behind Eedama Advisors, a social enterprise committed to training and raising awareness about sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit initiatives in the Middle East. Simultaneously, he co-founded and co-manages Jibal, a Lebanese NGO working on social and environmental justice.

Ounsi also co-founded two innovative initiatives within Lebanon: Whitelogs, specializing in mushroom compost production, and Alternative Beirut, known for its unique urban narratives and guided walks throughout the city. Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Ounsi’s daily focus is on creating training materials and offering coaching sessions to individuals seeking to launch impactful ventures. Since 2017, he has successfully coached hundreds of small organizations.

Corinne Jabbour كورين جبور

Project Manager – Program Coordinator – Permaculture and Education Specialist

Corinne majored in Biology, her work experience was initially in the field of training and teaching, in Lebanon and Qatar. She started to focus on environmental sustainability after taking part in Ocean for Life 2013, an ocean science and cultural exchange program in the United States organized by NOAA of the US government. After earning her Permaculture Designer certification from Geoff Lawton on the Greening the Desert Project, she attended the Syntropic Agroforestry workshop with Ernst Gotch in Portugal and completed the Syntropy course online with Scott Hall.

Corinne joined Jibal at the beginning of 2019 and works as a program coordinator, project manager, researcher, trainer, and curricula developer. Beyond her role at jibal, she works as a permaculture design consultant and is part of the international permaculture design team “The Kaki Crew” a group of 13 permaculture designers and teachers from 11 countries. She collaborates regularly with Eedama on the design and implementation of permaculture projects as well as on conducting education and agroecology training sessions.

Zeina Fahed زينة فهد

Project Manager & HR

Zeina has more than a decade of diverse work experience spanning various thematic and technical domains which include research, project management, monitoring and evaluation, human resource management, and customer service, among others. Zeina holds an Environmental Health degree with two minors in Public Health and Public Administration. In addition, she has completed the PMP course and is a registered facilitator at the Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation (CCHN). Zeina has worked for the private sector, the United Nations, and not-for-profit organizations. Zeina finds immense satisfaction in being part of a small organization that is efficient and makes a significant social and environmental impact. She is also a trainer, coach and projects’ coordinator at Eedama, a sister organization to Jibal.


Yara Ward يارا ورد

Project Coordinator 

Yara holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Management and Sociology, completed across London, Brisbane, and Beirut. Her journey led her to discover her curiosity for environmental justice through work at the Nature Conservation Center at the American University of Beirut. During the pandemic, Yara developed a strong passion for sustainable agriculture and began curating a permaculture garden in Kfardebian. She also co-initiated the ‘Da’ira’ collective, which focused on environmental knowledge exchange. In 2022, ‘Da’ira’ integrated a seed preservation network with Buzuruna Juzuruna to advance seed sovereignty in Lebanon. Yara then joined Jibal in February 2022, working on projects that promote agroecological practices, develop territorial food strategies, and research ways to upscale agroecology nationwide.

Jad Awada جاد عواضة

Access to Market Coordinator

Jad holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and has gained valuable professional experience in diverse roles. He started his career as an external financial auditor at Deloitte & Touche, where he spent three years gaining exposure to various industries and work environments. In 2020, Jad embarked on a new journey driven by a desire for self-actualization and community involvement. He joined Blue Ocean Creations, a multi-disciplinary travel company with a team of tourism experts. Simultaneously, he became a part of Jibal as a financial and administrative coordinator. Furthermore, Jad has been collaborating with Eedama, a sister organization of Jibal, since 2022, where he actively supports impactful businesses through capacity-building initiatives.

With a newfound focus on sustainability and the circular economy, in 2023, Jad transitioned into the role of Access to Market Coordinator at Jibal. In this capacity, he dedicates his efforts to developing alternative sales channels for small-scale farmers while ensuring that consumers have improved accessibility to food.


Karim Malak كريم ملك

Project Coordinator – Permaculture Educator

Karim is a Permaculture Teacher with a master’s degree in environmental engineering from ECE Paris. He is passionate about co-creating inclusive, playful & collaborative learning spaces. Over the past four years, Karim has dedicated his time to supporting and developing educational community gardens in Lebanon, one of which was in collaboration with Jibal. This inspired him to complete his Permaculture Designer Certification in South Portugal in 2022, certified by Hugo Olivera and Lesley Martin.

More recently, Karim lived and collaborated in a permaculture community project in Southern Spain where he worked on water retention systems to restore the functionality of a desertifying ecosystem while using tools from social permaculture and sociocracy to facilitate participatory decision-making processes. He also completed his Permaculture teacher training at Applewood Permaculture Centre and is on a “Cultural Emergence” learning pathway under the mentorship of Looby Macnamara, a renowned permaculture teacher in the UK and author of several books on “Social Permaculture”. In 2023, he reconnected with Jibal actively contributing to spreading the Agroecology movement in Lebanon.

Kaila Maccise كايلا المقسيسي

Communications Coordinator

Kaila is a communications specialist. She also works on the prevention of torture and ill-treatment in places of deprivation of liberty as the assistant to the Chairperson of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (UNSPT). Kaila obtained a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from the American University of Beirut. She has been working in digital marketing for the past three years. Kaila is also the co-founder of Jiwar, a sexual and reproductive health awareness platform for the youth in North Lebanon, and is particularly interested in SRHR in the MENA region.

Mike Chatoyan مايك شاتويان

Financial and Administrative Coordinator

Mike is a seasoned professional with financial management and business development expertise. As Co-Founder and Financial Manager at ChatoJewels, he skillfully navigated the company through various stages, including Lebanon’s financial crisis, by implementing robust internal controls and standardized procedures. In his role at Euro Auto Center, Mike excelled as Regional Business Development Manager, significantly expanding the company’s presence in MENA. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies with a focus on Accounting, Banking, and Finance, he possesses a deep understanding of financial strategy, sales, and teamwork. He now brings his financial and administrative expertise to Jibal as the Finance and Administrative Coordinator, contributing to the organization’s mission.