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Sustainability is a lifestyle. Our children should understand and adopt its tenants.

Jibal aims to help schools – students and teachers alike – develop their sustainability initiatives. In collaboration with Eedama, we offer a range of engaging activities related to sustainable development and environmental friendliness that combine project-based work, debates, field trips, sustainability exercises, and hands-on experiments. Pictures of the latest activities we did with children and schools can be seen on Instagram.

Educational Workshops

Jibal offers a number of workshops on different topics that enable students to see the tangible results of their work. Workshops comprise one or several sessions and may feature several types of activities. Learn more.

Long-Term Workshops

Jibal offers multifaceted workshops that range from several days to a whole year. Learn more.

Field Trips

Lebanon hosts tens of initiatives that show alternative and environmentally friendly ways of living, working, and functioning. Schools may register for a half-day field trip or engage in programs of several days across the country. Learn more.