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Jibal offers multifaceted workshops that range from several days to a whole year:

Week without Walls

Jibal offers one-week-long programs of activities. Each day focuses on a topic addressed through activities both at the school, outdoors, and at other locations. They could range from three-to-five full days and include lectures, field trips, workshops, games, and debates. The result of the week is directly visible in the school.

Creating an Environmental Club at School

Jibal offers long-term projects with durable impact on the school’s sustainability and environmental footprint. These may take the form of an Eco Club that would lead several year-long or term-long green projects for the school. These projects can have a tangible and visible impact on the school and the community. They can be integrated in with the community service or Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programs. Jibal instructors supervise the students on a weekly basis or conduct monthly follow-ups with teachers who supervise the students. Examples of projects include the following:

Compost: Students perform food recycling at the school and use the resulting compost to garden onsite, making the school greener through both vegetables and tree planting

Solar Photovoltaic System: Installation by the students of a solar PV electric production system on the school’s rooftop

Energy Conservation: Electricity awareness campaign, orchestrated for the entire school, combined with technical solutions


Everything students learn and do will be integrated into the school directly and is more likely to leave a greater and lingering impact. In the yearlong program, students are divided into small groups. Each group has to work on a topic that will improve the environmental footprint of the school and run it as a project with concrete objectives. For example, students may have created a compost at the school by the end of the year or actually have solar panels installed.


Once or twice a week, depending on your time availability and/or planned schedule for community service, clubs, or extracurricular time.


  • Local Food Production
  • Gardening
  • Composting
  • Food Waste Reduction
  • Water Desalination
  • Water Saving
  • A Solar Power Plant
  • An Energy Saving Plan
  • Sustainable Transport

International Schools

We offer programs of several days for students to see and visit sites that reflect sustainable lifestyles in Lebanon. The focus is on sustainable agriculture and urban farming.

We can arrange transportation inside the country and lodging.