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Students need so-called “multidisciplinary building blocks” in order to develop a holistic understanding of environmental and social justice issues. Jibal offers a number of workshops on different topics that enable students to see the tangible results of their work.

Workshops comprise one or several sessions and may feature several types of activities:

Scientific Experiments
Involves the use of renewable energy sources or an environmentally friendly process

Class Debates
Table discussion with an expert on a chosen topic

Role Playing
Students design a sustainable city and/or a sustainable home. Alternatively, they have to plan the improvement of their school by organizing recyclables collection or compost fabrication, for example.

Technological Innovation
Because sustainability and technology are intimately linked, Jibal offers a number of technology workshops. The damage caused by technology as well as its benefits are discussed. Students learn through hands-on activities how to make the best apps or circuits for improving both people’s lives and their environmental impact.

Workshops for All Ages

  • Composting
  • Environmental Crisis
  • Sustainable Farming: Aquaponics
  • Gardening
  • Solar Water Treatment and Desalination
  • Solar Cooling
  • Technology Ethics
  • Artistic Planting
  • Vertical Gardens and Permaculture
  • Zero Waste
  • Sustainable Art and Fashion

Workshops for Ages 6-11

  • Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle
  • Solar Oven
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Trash to Treasure
  • Peace, the Individual, the Community, and the Environment

Workshops for Ages 11-18

  • Thermal Comfort
  • Sustainable Urban Design
  • CAS Workshops
  • Eco Club Workshops
  • Natural Water Treatment