Urban Jungle – Samen Eco Gardens Fanar

A collaboration between Samen Eco Gardens and Jibal-Eedama

Sustainable Nature Management in the City

With 80% of Lebanon’s population residing in urban areas, one tends to forget that more than most of the earth’s surface is not built. Unfortunately, it does not mean that it is not impacted by human activity! Man actually impacts every square meter of the planet’s surface, most often negatively.

There are, however, ways that allow nature to develop in harmony with the city. The Samen Eco Gardens in Fanar are a living example of this possible harmony. As a botanical forest garden, they showcase a mix of trees, medium and smaller plants, various animals, and built structures such as animal dens and guesthouses. The energy of the sun is used in various ways, rainwater is collected, roofs are greened with plants, and various methods of composting are applied.

We at Eedama offer an engaging and active walk through the Samen Eco Gardens to introduce the participants to the various technologies used and show them how different spaces are used and organised. During the walk, participants will be guided to take an active role in contributing to the existing harmony of the place.


  • Living Green Roofs
  • Solar energy & it’s uses
  • Gardening experience
  • Different potting mixtures
  • Permaculture & the multidimensional use of space
  • Worm Composting
  • Rainwater Collection

Hands on Activities

Gardening Experience:
-What to plant and where?
-Different potting mixtures
-Select a plant species, prepare the soil, and plant into a pot to take home.

For the youngest:
-A memory game about companion planting (one of the tools of permaculture)

We also offer follow-up tours and activities. For example, participants will be asked to take care of the plant they took home, to document its growth on the worksheet they were given, and share their experience during the follow-up tour and activity. The follow-up tour and activity will build on the knowledge and experience of the introductory tour and will delve deeper into the world of permaculture.


Location: Fanar, 30 minutes travel time from Beirut
Age groups: All ages, including teens and adults
Languages: English, French, Arabic

Number of participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)

Visits: Tuesdays and Fridays. Two groups possible in a day (9-11.30am and 12-2.30pm).

Note: Since there are no public toilets on site, it is recommended to plan for a bus with toilets on board.