Rock Climbing and Yoga, Breathing through Nature

Rock Climbing and Yoga, Breathing through Nature

During this full day activity, participants will enjoy nature’s generosity and wonders in Tannourine by breathing in and out the freshness of the trees and greenery around, stretching their bodies, and learning more about our interconnectedness with nature. The participants will also get hands on experience to mingle, play, and explore with different elements of nature.

Both yoga and climbing engage the physical and mental aspects and require a deep understanding of the respect concept. They build respect for our body, mind, soul, the group, our capacities, and mostly the ultimate provider of the experience, nature.

What will we talk about?

  • The exchange between human beings and nature
  • What are we surrounded by
  • The importance of our ecological system
  • How can we protect it?
  • How can we be active at our own homes (living consciously – reducing waste by staying away as much as possible from harmful waste)


  • Yoga Techniques
  • Nature Exploration
  • Rock Climbing
  • Physical and Mental Health
  • Problem Solving
  • Obstacle Overcoming
  • Ecological System


Location: Tannourine El Tahta, 90 km away from Beirut

Duration: 3-4 hours, 45 minutes per session and optional lunch

Ages: Starting from 9-years-old

Languages: English, French, Arabic

Number of participants: Up to 50 participants (two classes of 25 participants in each activity: the yoga and climbing activity).