Recycling Tour in Bikfaya

As the waste crisis is becoming more and more prominent in our everyday lives, people have become motivated to seek solutions.

Lebanon is housing various sorting facilities, one of which lies in the mountains of Bikfaya. BiClean is a sorting facility that enforces the 3Rs in the most practical methods ever seen! Through a tour of their facility, students can directly join the sorting process and are shown how the material is reused in creative ways.

Participants will also be introduced to the sorting facilities’ collaboration with the municipality and the community to tackle the waste crisis. Afterwards, participants will visit a compound near the sorting facility built in an eco-friendly way and be introduced to the green methods of building and community recycling.

Overall the trip will be an informative and a hands-on fun experience tackling environmental advocacy, waste resolution, and community involvement.


  • Recycling, reusing, reducing
  • Hands-on sorting
  • Private-public partnership of environmental advocacy
  • Green buildings


Location: Bikfaya, 1 hour travel time from Beirut
Ages: 10-16 years
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Number of participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)

Duration:3 to 4 hours