Holistic Permaculture – Les racines du ciel in Nahr Ibrahim Valley

A collaboration between Les Racines du Ciel and Jibal-Eedama

The Roots of the Sky

Join us in an adventure to the organic farm, Les Racines du Ciel, (the roots of the sky), located on a cliff side in the Nahr Ibrahim valley above the city of Jbeil. To welcome you there will be Raed, Joanna, and their baby living there all year long. The land consists of both vegetation and animal farming. There grows an apple tree orchard with vegetables and berries, and they raise animals like chicken, geese, and bees between the trees. After four years, they have been slowly creating an equilibrium between trees, plants, and animals.

“We consider our attempt at harmony with nature as a long-term challenge, which involves not only a crop change but also a change of perception of the world. It is an endless task aiming at getting closer every day to a little more of what is called permaculture.”

For the children, it is a unique experience to get closer to nature and to understand how consumption can make a positive impact on the future. Participants will leave with a pot to harvest from.

Topics covered:

  • Recognizing trees and bunches
  • Outdoor drawing
  • Sustainable planting
  • Permaculture
  • Composting and soil improvement


Location: Lassa, Nahar Ibrahim Valley, 1 hour travel time from Beirut
Duration: 3 to 4 hours
Age groups: 6-12 years
Languages: English, French, Arabic
Number of participants: Minimum 10, maximum 30 (one class)
-Dry toilets are available on site.
-An organic picnic with products of the farm (seasonal fruit and vegetables and apple juice) can be offered on demand