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How do ecosystems based on fair and just social practices thrive?

Mission and Vision

JIBAL is a not-for-profit association that champions environmental and social justice principles. We envision a society centered on principles of reciprocity, recognition, and equitable redistribution.


Our work intertwines socio-cultural and ecological perspectives to promote a holistic approach to societal development. JIBAL promotes sustainability in all its aspects – in the built and natural environments, in human societies, and in economic and social policies – by developing and implementing activities that deliver concrete results:

  • Workshops that equip participants with new techniques and perspectives in order to advance social and environmental justice
  • Applied research projects to build knowledge and share best practices
  • Training for professionals

Experiential Pedagogy

Jibal promotes experiential learning, and in that regard, participants in Jibal activities play a central role in content creation and in knowledge production. Our activities aim not only to transmit information, engaging with participants on the cognitive level, but also to encourage changing attitudes and behaviors. In its applied research program, Jibal also produces analysis and studies on the topics integral to the organization’s mandate.


We believe that a harmonious world entails the fair sharing of the environment and of natural resources, on the one hand, and the recognition of reciprocal relations of equality and of the redistribution of wealth, on the other.

Jibal literally means “mountain” in Arabic. The word is also an adapted acronym of the full registered name of the organization, جبال – جمعية من أجل العدالة البيئية والإجتماعية في لبنان (Association for Environmental and Social Justice in Lebanon). Jibal was founded in 2017 by Ounsi El Daif and Angela Saade.

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