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Jibal translates knowledge into creative action and offers consultancy services to equip institutions with the latest in environmental and energy innovation.

تترجم جبال المعرفة إلى عمل إبداعي وتقدم خدمات استشارية لتزويد المؤسسات بأحدث الابتكارات في مجالي البيئية والطاقة

Complimenting our work that focuses on the transmission of sustainable practices to schools and on capacity building through trainings, Jibal’s research activities push the frontiers of knowledge vital to a society centered on environmental and social justice ethics.

واستكمالا لعملنا الذي يركز على نقل الممارسات المستدامة إلى المدارس وعلى بناء القدرات من خلال التدريب، فإن أنشطة جبال البحثية تدفع بحدود المعرفة الضرورية لمجتمع يركز على مبادىء العدالة البيئية والاجتماعية

Green and Energy Consultants استشاريون في مجال البيئة و الطاقة الخضراء

As consultants, we offer companies and organizations services related to the latest in environmental and energy innovation.

كمستشارين، نحن نقدم لالشركات والمنظمات خدمات متعلقة بأحدث ما هو متوفرفي مجال البيئة و الطاقة

Wadi: Research and Training Program

Wadi is committed to deepening and transmitting knowledge, championing ethical human lifestyles, and educating creative leaders. Its research and training activities privilege multidisciplinary perspectives, international exchange, and multilingualism. With a focus on Lebanon and Germany, it promotes excellence in alternative education, agroecology, and theatre in order to engage with and work to strengthen communities across the globe.

Since 2015, the ancient organic farm Bassatin Baanoub in southern Lebanon has provided the context for the nascence of Wadi by hosting meetings among educators, scholars, researchers, and theatre artists from Lebanon, Germany, and beyond.

(Above photo of Bassatin Baanoub in Lebanon by Salim Batlouni)